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Bein' quasi - Gesamtatelier

A lab for object subject metamorphosis by Gesamtatelier

"Bein'quasi" is a performance installation lab, the result of Gesamtatelier's residency at the Window Space of Whitechapel Gallery hosted by the onepointfiveone curatorial project.

“How does it feel being used as an object intended to raise institutionalization to its pedestal, only to be consumed by prêt-à-porter art?” We turn the spotlight to discarded objects found in gallery storage rooms, in order for them to tell the story of being the supporting roles for pieces of art, from their perspective. Our team transforms the window space into a laboratory, a process which transplants parts of the different objects onto the human body, which then performs them. The still nature of the object fades out, acquiring a performative one. The subject (the human), on the other hand, serves the object offering its body's properties. The two frames of the window space become two phases of a certain object’s transition into a subject and vice versa. In the first frame, two laboratory operators/facilitators build up an installation, a library of objects, and create plaster moulds off their shapes. In the second frame, which constitutes the next step of the metamorphosis, a performer dons the sculptural fragments. The object gradually transforms into quasi-object through the dynamics and attributes of the human body. The final outcome is post-human, since the perception of the world is not humancentric but objectcentric; it does not rely on the human body itself, but is aided by the objects and their embodied memories. The objects become the protagonists and their stories become the art piece.

onepointfiveone, Window Space of Whitechapel Gallery
59 - 63 Whitechapel High Street
London, E1 7PE
12 - 17 June 2017

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Schedule of performances:
Monday 12th - Wednesday 14th: 1pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm
Thursday 15th:5pm-7pm
Friday 16th: 1pm-4pm, CLOSING PERFORMANCE 5pm-7pm
Saturday 17th: Installation on view
59-63 Whitechapel High St, E1 7PF London, UK
from 12th - 17th of June 2017


Choreography - Performance

Sound Art

Communication Management

Hosted by
onepointfiveone curatorial project



Since 2016 I have been in close collaboration with Gesamtatelier and the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio. I have been invited to contribute as a choreographer and performer. 

Gesamtatelier is a newly-established platform by and for young practitioners from several creative fields who collaborate towards the conception and realisation of interdisciplinary projects. The team aspires to push the boundaries of several domains, mediums and genres: performance art, dance, design, sound composition, curating, architecture and the visual arts. The members of our ensemble aim to keep an open, dynamic structure which adapts to the nature of each project: performances, exhibitions, installations, publications etc. The creators involved for every scheme intertwine a variety of theoretical and practical skills creating hybrids between their respective practices.